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Take off your shoes and take a spin on the Holiday Hullabaloo Sock Skating Rink

What is Sock Skating?

The Sock Skating Rink is included in your general admission ticket, and it’ll be here through December 31, along with the rest of our activities during Holiday Hullabaloo.

Made from a high-tech synthetic polymer surface, this rink isn’t made of real ice – but it is really slippery!

It emulates the grace of ice skating without the need for expensive ice skates and traveling to rinks.

If you’ve slid across your living room floor before – a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business - then you understand sock skating.

The smooth surface mixed with soft socks creates an environment that takes the pressure out of balancing on skates or crazy wipeouts.

Besides being fun, sock skating can happen any time of the year since ice is unnecessary.

It’s also great for almost any age. Your toddlers and tots will enjoy it as much as teens and adults.  


All you need are socks and a smooth, enclosed surface, and you can sock skate.

The type of socks will determine how much you can slide across the floor. Wool and cotton socks work best.

 Hot Chocolate 
 & Cookies 

 Photos with 

 Santa's Back 9 - 
 Mini Golf 

Nothing tastes as much like the Holiday Season as a hot cup of delicious Hot Chocolate and one of Mrs. Claus's famous cookies.

We are excited to offer the tradition of Photos with Santa.  Tell Santa your Christmas wishes, take a photo of your own, or purchase one from our professional photographer.

Challenge your family to a game of putt putt golf on Santa's Back 9 mini golf course.

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