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It takes support, a safe space, resources
and love to recover a life interrupted by
human trafficking. 

That’s Dorothy’s House.

Holiday Hullabaloo is proud to support


Dorothy's House provides a safe place for the practice of life for those whose lives have been interrupted by human trafficking, exploitation and prostitution.


We offer a two year, three-phased approach to recovery with a focus on achievement and increased independence.

Women in our program have faced a life time of adversity which led to the vulnerability of human trafficking.  Prior to entering our program they are struggling with:

  • homelessness

  • unemployed

  • addiction

  • complex, co-occurring mental health diagnosis

  • neglect of physical health care

  • criminalization

  • debt/identity theft

  • children in system/removed from their custody

  • low self esteem

  • hopelessness


Over the course of two years they are able to establish safety, build skills, heal and work toward their goals with a safe backstop.  At the end of two years our graduates are able to take care of themselves and their children without relying on others.


Recover, Reclaim, Renew, Healing, Hope and Happiness

Safety is the foundation
of healing.

If you see something
say something: 888-373-7888

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